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This alphabetical glossary of dental terms is posted for the benefit of our
members and site vistors. You will note links to a variety of information sources
found commonly in the public domain. New York Dental Network, LLC does not endorse
or comment in any way upon the information found in this index. We refer site
visitors to their dentist or other professional sources in the event there is
any question about the information posted.

Bleaching, cosmetic tooth whitening –
Bone Graft –
Braces, Orthodontics –
Bridge, Prosthodontics –
Cavity – Caries – tooth decay –
Crown –
Crown – Post and Core –
Dentures, prosthodontics –
Filling, amalgam controversy –
Filling, silver amalgam –
Filling, white resin composite –
Fluoride and fluoridation –
Gingivitis – Periodontal disease –
Implant –
Implant abutment –
Malocclusion – Orthodontics –
Nitrous Oxide, laughing gas, dental analgesia –
Periodontal disease –
Plaque –
Prophylaxis – tooth cleaning, professional –
Root canal –
Scaling and root planing –
Sealant –
TMJ – Joint disorder –
Tooth Impaction –
Veneer –
Wisdom teeth – Molars –

X-rays – dental x-rays –