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Dental Fee Survey for New York City Metro area
Network Fee Schedule – Orthodontics

The schedule below is a comprehensive survey of regional
Usual and Customary Fees (UCR) compared with Reduced Fees paid by Network

To facilitate access to regular dental care and maintenance for all
household members, you will note exceptional savings on Preventive and
Diagnostic services, including Cleaning, Oral Exams, X-rays, Fluoride
Application, and Sealants, wherever these services appear on a fee schedule.

Member savings range from approximately 20% to 60% across the entire
plan. If there is a question about any fees posted, ask your dentist
about his or her Usual Fee (UCR) so that you can compare same with the
posted Network Fee.

Fees posted may change, without notice, from time to time to reflect
changes in Professional Fees in the NYC Metro area. It is important
that both the member and the dentist refer to the Professional Fee schedules
posted on this website on a regular basis to be sure fees discussed
are current.

Note: For some procedures listed
on this schedule we have posted an alternate, higher fee that may apply
at certain Manhattan practice locations only. Please consult with your
dentist about this.
This Fee Schedule calculates Member Savings in terms of Actual
Savings and Savings Percentage.

Plan members pay fee shown in NETWORK

Orthodontic Rates & Procedures
Services are provided by an Orthodontist, a Specialist with additional
training in this field.
Regional Fee Network Fee Typical Network Savings Typical % Savings
Orthodontic (malocclusion) rates and procedures shown include oral
exam, x-rays, models, records, post-treatment retainer, and lab fees,
Orthodontic Fee range shown reflects variation in treatment for adult
and juvenile malocclusion, and choice of materials used. Dentist will
confirm UCR fee upon request, and will offer comparable network rate reduction
for variations, where applicable.
Malocclusion, comprehensive care.
Braces, stainless steel.
$5200 – $6200 $4200-$4400
$1400 22%
Malocclusion, comprehensive care.
Braces, stainless steel.
Alternate Fee – Certain
Manhattan Locations Only – Please consult with your dentist.
$5200 – $6500 $4500
$1350 23%
Malocclusion, comprehensive care.
Braces, ceramic/clear composite.
$5400 – $6800 $4700 $1400 24%
Malocclusion, comprehensive care.
Braces, clear, removable and (invisible).
$6200 – $7600 $5600 $1300 19%
Space Maintainer (fixed or removable) $400 – $650 $275
– $375
$200 38%
Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment (palatal expansion) $850 – $1000 $700
– $750
$200 22%
Note: If other Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment is indicated, similar
network fee reductions will apply in most or all cases. Please consult
with your dentist.
X-Ray Panorex $125 $85 $40 32%
X-Ray Full Mouth, Including Bitewings (complete) $115 – $165 $85 $60 39%

*Regional fees posted are representative of usual and customary fees charged by New York Dental Network, LLC participating dentists for patients who do not participate in a dental benefits plan. Some fee variation was found due to differences in office overhead, materials, lab fees, and other professional considerations.

*Network fees shown are the actual fees members will pay to the participating dentist. For procedures not shown, or variations of listed procedures, similar network fee reductions will apply in most cases. An exception may apply in the case of certain brand name dental products or services. Additionally, fee variations may be based upon degree of difficulty and time and materials involved in treatment. Please consult with your dentist prior to course of treatment.

*When a network fee range is shown, the usual and customary fee (UCR) of the dentist will determine the network fee to be paid by NYDN member. For example, if the dentist’s UCR fee falls in the middle of regional fee range, the dentist will charge NYDN member a fee in the middle of network fee range. If the dentist’s usual fee for a given procedure is lower than the stated network fee, the dentist agrees to charge usual fee, resulting in additional savings for network members.

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