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IS IT TIME FOR YOUR REGULAR DENTAL CHECKUP? Do you want an affordable dental plan that will pay for itself? Individuals, Families, Seniors 60+ and Group Members Try this plan at cost of $35.00 for 6 Months, with 90 day refund guarantee. Members pay the Network Fee below and save up to 60% on cost of dental care. Detailed fee schedules for 7 Dental Specialties are posted on this website.
Regional Fee
Network Fee
Typical Network Savings
Typical % Savings
Periapical X-ray
Fluoride application - Child
$55 – $65
Sealant (occlusal surface) per tooth
Diagnostic-Preventive Visit: Oral Exam and Prophylaxis (cleaning)
$125 – $185
Extended Diagnostic-Preventive Visit (A), Oral Exam + Prophylaxis (cleaning) + full mouth X-Rays, including complete bite wings or Panorex Study
$250 – $355
Silver Amalgam filling – 1 surface
$100 – $140
White composite resin filling 1 surface – anterior
Single tooth extraction (simple)
$160 – $190
Root Canal Therapy – Anterior
$600– $750
Crown – porcelain fused to noble metal
$850 – $1250
Crown – porcelain fused to high noble metal More info. on Crowns and Crown Materials
$950 – $1350
Full Denture (Acrylic – Per Arch)
$1650 – $1850
After the 6 month trial period, if you want to continue your membership, cost options are:
CSemi-Annual for Individualsst
 $35 Semi-Annual
Semi-Annual for Full-Family, includes all household members.
$55 Semi-Annual

Based upon many years of experience marketing and administering Medical and Dental Benefit Plans, we set out to develop an affordable dental benefit plan that really WORKS. Cost-benefit analysis shows this plan vs. conventional dental insurance, to be cost-effective due to low membership cost and significant professional fee reductions.

This is a reduced-rate dental benefit plan with hundreds of participating dental offices located throughout the NYC Metro area. The plan is designed to provide access to quality dental services for individuals, families, seniors, and groups who seek affordable dental care and a wide selection of providers, including high profile specialists and dental faculty members.

In some important ways, this plan works on the model of a Cooperative. In exchange for membership in NYDN, our Participating Dentists offer a comprehensive and affordable schedule of professional fees and services, as shown on our website. Membership cost is modest, and the plan is designed to return your membership fee in the form of SAVINGS on dental services. This is our minimum goal for all members, old and new.

This is not insurance. It is a reduced-rate dental plan, and Yes it does work. There are no exclusions, deductibles or claim forms.

We have posted comprehensive schedules of professional fees and services for each of (7) dental specialties, showing member savings. We want our members and site visitors to know, in advance, how much dental services cost in the New York City Metro area. As a public service, we publish and update information about a wide variety of dental services including root canal, crowns, braces, implants, and dentures. Over a period of time, NYDN has had a very high rate of member retention. Why do our members continue year after year? Our members tell us, very simply, they continue because NYDN saves them money and permits them to secure dental care, when needed. HOW can we demonstrate to you that this plan works? We want you to find out for yourself if this plan works well for you. We now offer first time members a SIX MONTH trial period at cost of $35.00. All services become available right away. We will refund your $35.00 if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with how the plan works. As a new member, if you need emergency Root Canal treatment, or a Crown, or Braces, or Dentures, all these services will be covered. If you want a long overdue Oral Exam and Cleaning, or a postponed Cosmetic Dental procedure, no problem, these services will also be available at low network rates. NYDN has hundreds of Participating Dental offices throughout the NYC Metro area, and this number is growing. If you don’t find your dentist listed among our participating dental offices, we will be glad to consider his or her application for membership. Dental plans, always in demand, have consistently been the weak link in benefit planning. The issues have always been the same: Relatively high cost, followed by Deductibles, Co-pays, Exclusions, Waiting Periods, and a Dollar Limit on annual benefits. This Dental Plan is open to Individuals, Seniors 60+ and Groups, large and small. There are NO Deductibles, Exclusions, Co-pays, Waiting Periods, Benefit Limits, or claim forms. At no risk, you will be able to join this plan and determine if NYDN works for you. Beyond the SIX MONTH trial period, if you want to continue as a member, the regular membership fee is very affordable at:
CSemi-Annual for Individualsst
 $35 Semi-Annual
Semi-Annual for Full-Family, includes all household members.
$55 Semi-Annual

Diagnostic-Preventive Care Oral Exam + Prophylaxis

For more information about Diagnostic Preventive Care, Oral Exam + Prophylaxis, please see General Dentistry. Flat Fee $72 – Affordable access to regular oral exams + cleaning for all covered household members – Unlimited utilization Typical Fee UCR: $125 – $185 Member Pays: $72 Member Savings: $83

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Member Benefits

  • Members save 40% to 60% on many Diagnostic and Preventive Services
  • Oral Exam plus Prophylaxis (cleaning) – Member pays $65.
  • Periapical X-ray – Member pays $10.
  • Full mouth X-rays, including bitewings (or) Panorex Study – Member pays $75.
  • Fluoride application for child – Member pays $30.
  • Occlusal sealant for child – Member pays $35.
  • Cosmetic Tooth Whitening (complete) – Member pays $275.
  • Single tooth extraction (simple) – Member pays $105.
  • One Surface Amalgam Filling – Member pays $75.
  • One Surface White Resin Filling – Member pays $85.
  • Comprehensive Schedule of Rates and Procedures
  • Pre-existing Conditions and Cosmetic Dentistry are Covered
  • No Exclusions – Unlimited Maximum Benefit Limit
  • This is not an Insurance Plan – There is no Paperwork
Membership Cost: First time members pay $35.00 for SIX MONTH trial period. This fee includes Single Members or Family Membership. In Family Membership, all household members are included. If membership is continued beyond the trial period, here are payment options:
CSemi-Annual for Individualsst
$35 Semi-Annual
Semi-Annual for Full-Family, includes all household members.
$55 Semi-Annual
All member payments are processed by PayPal, and made on a semi-annual basis. If you are not already a member of PayPal, you will be able to enroll as part of this application, and link your debit or credit card, or your bank account to your free and secure PayPal account that will be recognized at many web sites. Six month trial period $35.00


Porcelain fused to noble metal. For more information about Crowns and prosthetic procedures please see schedules for Prosthodontics and General Dentistry. Typical Fee UCR: $1100 Member Pays: $675 Member Savings: $425

Cosmetic Tooth Whitening

Single visit tooth whitening procedure using high intensity light. This procedure includes Oral Exam and professional evaluation to determine suitability of treatment. For more tooth whitening options, see Dentistry Schedule. Typical fee UCR $450-$550 Member pays $300. Member Savings: $200

Porcelain Laminate Veneer

Includes Lab Fees, per tooth. For more information about Veneers and Cosmetic Procedures please see schedules for Prosthodontics and General Dentistry. Typical Fee UCR: $1100 Member Pays: $825 Member Savings: $275

Orthodontics – Braces

Stainless Steel – Complete Malocclusion: Oral Exam, X-rays, Models, Records, Post-Treatment Retainer, Lab Fees See Orthodontics Schedule for information about “invisible” or ceramic braces, and additional orthodontic information. Typical Fee UCR:$5200 – $6200 Member Pays: $4200 – $4400 Member Savings: $1300

Dental Implant

Dental Implants appear to be a growth industry. A word of caution, we have seen some advertisements suggesting Implant cost of $350 to $500. We suggest that a bit of research is necessary before proceeding. A Complete implant includes Surgical Placement of titanium post, plus Abutment, and Crown. Implant cost varies depending upon degree of difficulty and materials needed. In some cases a bone graft may be needed to prepare implant site. Please consult with your dentist to determine specific cost and member savings. More information can be found on Detailed Fee Schedules. Typical Fee UCR: $3150 – $4150 Member Pays: $2625 Member Savings: $1025